Celebrating Alyssa White: A Vibrant Force at Our Subsidiary Lincoln County Mutual Insurance Agency, Inc

Alyssa WhiteAlyssa, a proud, small-town resident, brings us the best elements of commitment, creativity, and community. Raised in Foley, MO she cherishes the close-knit bonds that come with a hometown where everyone knows each other.

Alyssa has been brightening our days with her unique blend of creativity and dedication. Since joining the Lincoln County Mutual Insurance Agency, Inc. family in 2022, Alyssa has been a driving force, leaving an indelible mark on both the agency, our company, and the community it serves.

Currently donning the hats of Marketing Manager and Agency Assistant for the in-house agency of Lincoln County Farmers Mutual Insurance, Alyssa’s impact is nothing short of spectacular. Her journey within the company has been a colorful tapestry, weaving together Marketing, Graphic Design, Administrative Services, and Customer Service with finesse.

Alyssa’s commitment doesn’t stop at her desk. Her educational background in digital design, acquired at Pike-Lincoln Technical Center, has elevated the visual appeal of agency projects and campaigns, showcasing her knack for innovation.

But it’s not just about the professional accolades; it’s about the person behind the title. Alyssa’s downtime is filled with the therapeutic patience of diamond painting, a passion that speaks volumes about her creativity and zest for life.

In the office and beyond, Alyssa’s warmth extends to her role as the proud aunt of two nieces, and her family-first approach resonates with all who have the pleasure of working alongside her.

Alyssa is more than an employee; she’s a valued member of our extended family. Her vibrant spirit, coupled with her tireless work ethic, is a testament to the positive energy she brings to every project. Here’s to Alyssa – she adds color to our canvas, lights up our team, and brings the heart that makes both Lincoln County Mutual Insurance, Inc. and Lincoln County Farmers Mutual Insurance a truly special place. We appreciate you, Alyssa!