Farming in the Winter

Winter may seem like a perfect chance to relax a bit, but as any farmer or rancher knows, work and chores don’t stop just because the winter weather has arrived. When it comes to working out in the cold, you probably know to dress for cold weather, but do you know how to work safely all winter long? Look at these tips to be sure you’ve all got a handle on staying safe!

?Layer up: you can always peel layers off if you start to sweat
?Hood & Hat: you lose a lot of heat through your head in the extreme cold, insulate first with a hat that covers the head and ears and then remember to wear a jacket with a hood.
?Protect your hands: keep in mind that frostbite often occurs first on the fingers, toes and nose. If you will be out in the field working with animals, you may need water-resistant hand protection.
?Boots: think about getting a good pair of extreme cold weather boots. These boots come with options for both safety and warmth. To reduce the risk of injury to the foot, some insulated boots have toe protection.
?Stay Informed: install a weather app on your phone in order to get alerts which will help you stay ahead of storms and changing weather.