Talking with your Landlord

Need new appliances or something fixed, but aren’t sure how to bring it up with your landlord? It can be awkward! No need to worry: these #tips can help out.
?Read you rental agreement: Even if the landlord owns the appliances, they may not be obligated to repair or replace a broken appliance. It still never hurts to ask!
?‍♀️Volunteer to help: Offer to help get the new appliance into your rental unit and to unpack it and set it up.
?Be reasonable: Are you the tenant who always pays on time or the one who always has an excuse for being late? Your landlord notices. Be a responsible tenant while you live in the place, and your landlord will be more likely to pay attention to your requests, including a request for a new appliance.
Go halves: If your landlord hasn’t been receptive to buying that new appliance for your unit, offer to pay half the cost if you plan to stay there for at least another year. Use this technique as a last resort.
?Bring up energy-efficiency: Your landlord may be willing to upgrade to more efficient appliances, especially if they pay the utility bills. In some cases, special rebates may be available from the manufacturer or utility company for an energy-efficient upgrade

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