Roof – Seal Coat

Having a metal roof on your home or structure is great! They typically last longer than composition shingles and are very strong. Your metal roof needs a new coating every 2 years and touch-ups at frequent intervals, especially after storms have deposited debris or branches on the roof. Here are some tips when seal coating.

• Check the weather and make sure rain is not in the forecast and not below 50 degrees out
• Inspect for blisters, cracked seams and peeling
• Clean with a wire brush and sandpaper and a putty knife to remove flaking
• Repair any splits and patch any holes
• Coat seams with patching cement, also cover any screwheads
• Coat Roof! Apply the roof coating with a roof brush or paint roller designed just for this purpose. Do not use a mop. You cannot control the coverage with a mop. Start at one end of the roof and finish at the other end.

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