• Farming in the Winter

    Winter may seem like a perfect chance to relax a bit, but as any farmer or rancher knows, work and chores don’t stop just because the winter weather has arrived. When it comes to working out in the cold, you probably know to dress for cold weather, but do you know how to work safely all winter long? Look at these tips to be sure you’ve all got a handle on staying safe! ?Layer up: you can always peel layers off if you start to sweat ?Hood & Hat: you lose a lot of heat through your head in the extreme cold, insulate first with a hat that covers the…

  • Earthquake Awareness Month

    February is Earthquake Awareness month. Do you know what to do in the event of an earthquake? •DROP, COVER, and HOLD ON •If you’re not able to hide under a piece of furniture, crouch down and cover your face and head with your arms, making sure you’re not near windows, mirrors, or other pieces of loose furniture or décor. •If you’re in a vehicle at the time of an earthquake, get to a safe area and stop the car, staying inside the vehicle. Stay away from bridges and overpasses, and be sure to listen to the radio for notices and important information

  • Pets in Winter

    As temperatures dip, don’t forget about your furry friends! Bring them inside your home, garage, barn, etc. If you are cold when you go out, then they are too. Also, remember to wipe down your pet’s paws to remove ice, salt, and chemicals from outside.

  • Talking with your Landlord

    Need new appliances or something fixed, but aren’t sure how to bring it up with your landlord? It can be awkward! No need to worry: these #tips can help out. ?Read you rental agreement: Even if the landlord owns the appliances, they may not be obligated to repair or replace a broken appliance. It still never hurts to ask! ?‍♀️Volunteer to help: Offer to help get the new appliance into your rental unit and to unpack it and set it up. ?Be reasonable: Are you the tenant who always pays on time or the one who always has an excuse for being late? Your landlord notices. Be a responsible tenant…

  • Wet Pavement

    Most weather-related crashes in the U.S. happen on wet pavement and during rainfall. Specifically, 74% occur on wet pavement and 46% during rainfall. About 17% occur during snow or sleet, 12% on icy pavement, and 14% take place on snowy or slushy pavement. Only 3% happen in the presence of fog. (U.S. Department of Transportation)

  • 2021 Scholarship

    *** SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY *** The Missouri Association Mutual Insurance Companies (MAMIC) Scholarship is now available for students to apply. There are scholarships awarded to both college and high school students. Along with this ,we at Lincoln County Farmers Mutual award scholarship winners locally as well. To apply please visit www.mamic.net and click the scholarship tab. Or simply follow this link: https://www.mamic.net/scholarships/ ‼️ THE DEADLINE FOR THE APPLICATION IS MARCH 1, 2021 ‼️ Good luck to all those who apply!

  • Car Theft Prevention

    According to the Insurance Information Institute a vehicle is stolen every 40.9 seconds in the United States! Thieves have gotten increasingly savvy, using smart keys to steal cars and switching vehicle identification numbers to avoid detection. So, how do you help protect yourself from becoming a victim of car theft? Here are some tips: •Lock you Doors •Always remove your keys from your vehicle when you are leaving the car •Do not leave a spare key near your vehicle •Close the windows •Park in well-lit areas •Don’t leave valuables in your car •Install a tracking system

  • Weight of Ice & Snow

    Winter can take a heavy toll on your outbuildings. Months of accumulating ice, snow, and sleet can add a surprising amount of extra weight to a structure—any more than two feet of packed snow per square foot might be too much for your building to handle. Ensure you’re protected by contacting your agent to add Weight of Ice and Snow coverage to your outbuildings!

  • Covid Precautions

    Due to Covid precautions the office will be closed to the public until further notice. Please utilize our website, call, or drop payments/paperwork in the drop box outside of our building. To speak with us, or if you have any questions call the office at 636-528-8242. Thank you so much.

  • Holiday Cooking Safety

    The kitchen is the heart of the home during the holidays. So, keeping fire safety at the top of your mind during this time is important. As you’re organizing that family feast, remember, by following a few simple safety tips you can enjoy time with your loved ones and keep yourself and your family safer from fire. • Stay in the kitchen when you are cooking on the stovetop • Stay in the home when cooking your turkey and check on it frequently. • Keep children away from the stove • Be sure electric cords are not dangling off the counter within easy reach of a child. • Keep matches…